Sunday, June 22, 2003

We went to Disney Sea yesterday. Running around in the theme park and getting in a line for attractions. Yes it was humid but we had great fun.

Sunday, November 17, 2002

It is Monday. As always I am kinda tired. We tend to go out and party and stay up late over the weekend, as a result Monday is a very low energy inefficient workday. My company is moving....we don`t know where to yet. I am looking for some tasks which I don`t have to use my brain now.....uh.....needs some caffeine.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

We are doing so called `deai kei` site for sell phone here too. Deai kei is a dating site, but more likely for quick satisfaction. Of course we as a legitimate corporation don`t allow those nasty posting but people keep trying to find a way to convey whatevery they want to say. Here is one example I just deleted from the posting:`39yrs old salary man looking for `Enjo` 30,000yen for with protection, 70,000yen for without. `Enjo` is an abblibiation of Enjo kosai which is basically a prostitution between older men and young highschool girls. Young girls in Japan do not sell themselves to help familay. These girls are often from middle class family and they just want to have extra cash to buy new Lui Vitton bags. Well, not all the girls are like that but this is one of the social phonemena for the last 5 yrs or so....`IIjima Ai`went through those Enjo prostitution, adult video porn star and became a popular TV star. Girls role model her as a succesful woman.

Monday, November 11, 2002

If you are interested in chat, games, and virtual reality thing, you might like our appli.

We are going to have a party on Nov 30, well, we haven`t decided the place yet. I am going to negotiate with the owners of the new club restaurant called Sonoma in Dogenzaka tonight.

Sonoma is a restaurant/club recently opened by the same owners from Sugar high, a famous pick up joint in Dogenzaka. Well, I never liked Sugar high coz it was sleeeeezy. Sonoma is much more sofisticated and I really like the atomosphere.
Huuuh, It is kind of hot today here and humid too. I don`t normaly watch TV, so I am wearing warm clothes sweating like a pig. Looks like everybody else checked the weather channel this morning except me...I am now working on finalizing text for Habbo Hotel Japan. Habbo hotel is a Finish virtual hotel chat program and we are supposed to launch our beat site in a couple of weeks. Gees. time flys...